Arca — @@@@@

This “single” released by Arca earlier this year is my favorite work of her to date. It is a brilliant collection of experimental tunes, with references to Gridlock’s post-industrial records from the 90’s, Flying Lotus’s wonky downtempo, Burial’s later ambient explorations, and Arca’s own world, expanded in various directions. Easily listening on repeat. A remarkable piece of electronic music from 2020.

Yves Tumor — Heaven To a Tortured Mind

It took me a while to listen to the record enough. It cannot overshadow Safe In The Hands of Love. The successive “Licking An Orchid” and “Lifetime” were a remarkable achievement. The latest record is very different, almost “upbeat”, obviously rock-oriented. It is very good, just distant from my personal preference. My favorite tracks are “Dream Palette”, “Folie Imposée”, and especially “Strawberry Privilege”.

Fiona Apple — Fetch the Bolt Cutters

By the way, let me join the bandwagon and assert that the record is brilliant. It feels genuinely so, even though I have not listened that much of Tom Waits’ records, or even Fiona’s previous ones. I do love her debut album “Tidal”, but this new record is quite different, experimental, raw—both in terms of the DIY production, musical instruments and sounds, and some vocal parts. The stories, touching and humorous.

Available to listen on Youtube.

The records release frequency seems to become a Scott Walker’s like, which might be unfortunate on the one hand, but could be clearly outweighed by the quality of each one of them on the other hand.