Cinema: May 2019

  • Sunset (Napszállta, László Nemes). The story is mysterious, and remains so at the end credits. The cinematography and direction, hand camera style, varying focus from close-up shots to blurred shots, dark colors, the overall dark atmosphere—all is really wonderful. Juli Jakab, who you follow for most of the film, did a good job, I think, although the role did not require an especial emotional variety, mostly hidden and restrained. 7/10
  • Hail Satan? (Penny Lane). Highly recommended. About The Satanic Temple. The word “Satan” can be misleading to those unfamiliar with the topic; it was for me. The topic is important and relevant. I found their values align with mine to a great extent.
  • Ramen Shop (情牽拉麵茶, Eric Khoo). Vegetarians may have a hard time (I had a bit), but the film is very light and enjoyable, having a tragic touch. 7/10
  • Long Shot (Jonathan Levine). The story is too extreme to be true, but very funny most of the time. 7/10
  • Aniara (Pella Kågerman). Underrated. One of the best recent science fiction films. From start to end. Wonderful Emelie Jonsson. 8/10
  • Booksmart (Olivia Wilde). Overrated, but one of the best examples of the genre. Beanie Feldstein raises obvious associations with “Lady Bird”, but the topics and genres are different. A number of funny moments; stupid are present too. 7/10
  • My Son (Mon garçon, Christian Carion). Guillaume Canet doing things. 6/10
  • Photograph (Ritesh Batra). Too sweet to be true, but appreciate the ending. 6/10
  • Shadow (影, Zhang Yimou). From the master Zhang Yimou. The league of its own, so distinct from the “western” cinema. Visually stunning with unique atmosphere, “impressionistic” battles, original story, marvelous music (Zai Lao). Overall, another world. 9/10

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