October Language

It happens to me sometimes that for years I completely ignore certain finest works of music, as if being blind and deaf, and then suddenly, after one more listen, an eureka moment occurs.

Belong‘s October Language is an example. I always adored their second dreamy shoegaze Common Era, but for some reason attempts to listen to their debut went nowhere.

After having listened to “October Language” a double digit number of times over the past week, the phenomenon described is almost surreal. How could I not recognize the brilliance of this album earlier? Brian Eno, Tim Hecker, and Belong. Appropriate. Notably, Josh Eustis did contribute to the sound.

This reminds me of Brian Eno‘s “Ambient 4: On Land”.

While this track has a similar feeling that Tim‘s Radio Amor and Mirages leave. Indeed, these were contemporary works (“October Language” was recorded in 2004).

It is uncertain whether Turk Dietrich and Michael Jones will release more music in the future as Belong, but they did perform “October Language” live in 2017, which leaves some hope.

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