This blog is primarily about music. Mainly, I will be sharing work of independent and lesser-known musicians. I will keep it quiet from my side. The art itself is what matters, not my words about it. Especially considering that there are people whose job is to write about music professionally. There will be exceptions, though. I listen to a lot. This is my Last.fm profile. Rarely, I do mediocre improvisations for classical guitar. Moments of listening to an incredible work of music, or creating some that you consider having value—are one of those that rationalize existence.

Occasionally, the blog may feature posts on other topics: independent cinema, other art, or something else.

Currently, I live in Atlanta, working on a dissertation. Here is my work-related page. I am known as Sasha to some people, as Alex to others. I am Belarusian. I lived in Madrid for two years and miss that time.


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