Arca — @@@@@

This “single” released by Arca earlier this year is my favorite work of her to date. It is a brilliant collection of experimental tunes, with references to Gridlock’s post-industrial records from the 90’s, Flying Lotus’s wonky downtempo, Burial’s later ambient explorations, and Arca’s own world, expanded in various directions. Easily listening on repeat. A remarkable piece of electronic music from 2020.

Nathan Fake — Blizzards

Love this record. Starts with ambient techno/IDM tracks akin early Autechre, Aphex Twin, Plaid (especially on “Ezekiel”), but plenty of new interesting beats and ideas. From “North Brink” to “Torch Song” techno/IDM is blended with UK garage, 2-step/dubstep, jungle—my favorite part. Then a progressive electronic “Eris & Dysnomia”. And, finally, a beautiful space ambient/glitch “Vitesse”.

Ultraísta — Sister

Difficult to say whether I love more this record or the 2012’s debut. Familiar “glitch pop” tunes from Nigel Godrich with some UK garage/2-step influences, and some IDM Boards of Canada vibes (especially on “Ordinary Boy”). If you like Thom Yorke’s solo records and Atoms for Peace, then you should enjoy Ultraísta. Vocals by Laura Bettinson. The debut was actually just the second record (after Eraser) in this vein, produced by Nigel. But the first with real drums (Joey Waronker)? I can hear some echoes on ANIMA in fact.

I’m glad they could film this just before (social distancing).

And this from 8 years ago:

Windy & Carl — Allegiance and Conviction

I found about new Windy and Carl’s material from DJ Riz, and I highly recommend you his sets. Unfortunately, not on the air last weeks.

“The Stranger” so wonderful. Windy’s vocals along with the building crescendo. I remembered Glenn Branca’s work from 40 years ago. (Then it was way ahead of its time.)

And then “Alone”, and the stunning “Crossing Over” (which is the track I heard originally in Riz Rollin’s set).