Arca — @@@@@

This “single” released by Arca earlier this year is my favorite work of her to date. It is a brilliant collection of experimental tunes, with references to Gridlock’s post-industrial records from the 90’s, Flying Lotus’s wonky downtempo, Burial’s later ambient explorations, and Arca’s own world, expanded in various directions. Easily listening on repeat. A remarkable piece of electronic music from 2020.

Nathan Fake — Blizzards

Love this record. Starts with ambient techno/IDM tracks akin early Autechre, Aphex Twin, Plaid (especially on “Ezekiel”), but plenty of new interesting beats and ideas. From “North Brink” to “Torch Song” techno/IDM is blended with UK garage, 2-step/dubstep, jungle—my favorite part. Then a progressive electronic “Eris & Dysnomia”. And, finally, a beautiful space ambient/glitch “Vitesse”.

Windy & Carl — Allegiance and Conviction

I found about new Windy and Carl’s material from DJ Riz, and I highly recommend you his sets. Unfortunately, not on the air last weeks.

“The Stranger” so wonderful. Windy’s vocals along with the building crescendo. I remembered Glenn Branca’s work from 40 years ago. (Then it was way ahead of its time.)

And then “Alone”, and the stunning “Crossing Over” (which is the track I heard originally in Riz Rollin’s set).