DJ Riz

By the way, DJ Riz, who I mentioned before, is back on air the last two weeks. There are some technical problems with KEXP at the moment, but normally you can find previous programs at the bottom of the page. His programs are my favorite ones. A combination of electronic, ambient, old-school funk, jazz, and hip-hop, some art pop, post-rock, classical, and more experimental music—a continuous DJ set filled with warmth and occasional humor.

Windy & Carl — Allegiance and Conviction

I found about new Windy and Carl’s material from DJ Riz, and I highly recommend you his sets. Unfortunately, not on the air last weeks.

“The Stranger” so wonderful. Windy’s vocals along with the building crescendo. I remembered Glenn Branca’s work from 40 years ago. (Then it was way ahead of its time.)

And then “Alone”, and the stunning “Crossing Over” (which is the track I heard originally in Riz Rollin’s set).