2019: favorite records

In the order released.


Bat for Lashes — Lost Girls

Release date: September 6, 2019
Genres: art pop, dream pop, synthpop
HighlightThe Hunger

Somehow I heard about Natasha Khan‘s work for a long time, but this is her first record I listened. I must say, I’m in love with this album. From what I understand, this is an experimentation from her. It is brilliant. Some of the best synthpop ideas fill this album. But more than that, you will hear Elizabeth Fraser-like heavenly vocals and Cocteau Twins‘esque overall atmosphere. Well done.


Elena Tonra’s solo album is wonderful. There is not a weak song on the album. I must say I prefer it much more than Daughter’s work. There are influences of Arab Strap, The National, Radiohead, PJ Harvey’s “Is This Desire?”, other names I struggle to recall. It is very eclectic and enjoyable, I highly recommend you to listen. It’s a shame I found it with a lag.