Windy & Carl — Allegiance and Conviction

I found about new Windy and Carl’s material from DJ Riz, and I highly recommend you his sets. Unfortunately, not on the air last weeks.

“The Stranger” so wonderful. Windy’s vocals along with the building crescendo. I remembered Glenn Branca’s work from 40 years ago. (Then it was way ahead of its time.)

And then “Alone”, and the stunning “Crossing Over” (which is the track I heard originally in Riz Rollin’s set).

2019: favorite records

In the order released.


Swans — leaving meaning.

Release date: October 25, 2019
Genres: drone, experimental rock, neofolk, no wave
Highlight: My Phantom Limb

It starts as Soundtracks for the Blind, and then jumps between various periods of Swans‘s history from the 80’s to 10’s. The main reference points seem to be Children of God, World of Skin, the above mentioned masterpiece and their 10’s albums after the reunion. Have to admit, I expected more, but there is still no alternative to Swans.