Cinema: March 2019

  • Alita: Battle Angel (Robert Rodriguez), 8/10. The most visually impressive film I have seen to date. Very fun. Avatar is boring at times, Alita is not. Spiritually it was for me like a continuation of Rodriguez’s “Spy Kids” films which I did enjoy when I was a kid/teen. I mean, Alita is like a kid. A lot is naive. Still, the audience (even some film critics) tend to find nonexistent sexual content.
  • Arctic (Joe Penna), 7/10. Mads Mikkelsen is convincing without any need for talking.
  • Greta (Neil Jordan), 7/10. The same applies to Isabelle Huppert. Until it becomes more standard, the topic (harassment) is important, and its portrayal in the film is effective.
  • Andrei Rublev / Андрей Рублёв (Andrei Tarkovsky), 10/10. A monumental masterpiece of film art. Rarely I see something even close nowadays. Both in terms of filmmaking and topic. Ironically, I watched this film for the first time with English subtitles in the US. But in the cinema. Thanks to “Around the World in 8 Weeks“, again. The discussion by Eddy von Mueller was incredible too. Very informative.
  • Everybody Knows / Todos lo saben (Asghar Farhadi), 8/10. The worst Farhadi’s film, according to critics. The film is extremely good, anyway. “Comunidad de Madrid” in the closing credits causes nostalgia.
  • Birds of Passage / Pájaros de verano (Cristina GallegoCiro Guerra), 7/10. Very interesting, even just as an educational material.
  • Apollo 11 (Todd Douglas Miller). A collage of archival footage. Well-made, obviously historically interesting with a true (indeed) 60’s and space atmosphere.
  • Yardie (Idris Elba), 7/10. Decent, with a soul.
  • Captain Marvel (Anna BodenRyan Fleck), 9/10. Here.
  • Woman at War / Kona fer í stríð (Benedikt Erlingsson), 6/10. Kind of avant-garde with some nice atmospheric and surreal / funny moments.
  • Climax (Gaspar Noé), 9/10. One of the purposes of Noé’s films is to make you uncomfortable. Which his latest work successfully accomplishes. This is again an avant-garde film with a unique style, mainly an improvisation. The plot contains nothing interesting (i.e. to drink, to fuck, etc.—plain, with no limits), however the overall atmosphere, the dancing entrancement, the unique cinematography, extremely long shots—it bewitches and does not let you go. Obviously, a cinematic experience is important for that to enjoy to the fullest extent. Surely, it will end up in my top list this year. The music is great.
  • The Exterminating Angel / El ángel exterminador (Luis Buñuel), 8/10. As part of Around the World in 8 Weeks. From the master. The absurdity of what is happening there is extraordinary.
  • The Highwaymen (John Lee Hancock), 5/10. A bit boring. Also, the ending is kind of abrupt and anticlimactic.

Sadly, Hiroshima mon amour was missed due to a 30km hike.