Ultraísta — Sister

Difficult to say whether I love more this record or the 2012’s debut. Familiar “glitch pop” tunes from Nigel Godrich with some UK garage/2-step influences, and some IDM Boards of Canada vibes (especially on “Ordinary Boy”). If you like Thom Yorke’s solo records and Atoms for Peace, then you should enjoy Ultraísta. Vocals by Laura Bettinson. The debut was actually just the second record (after Eraser) in this vein, produced by Nigel. But the first with real drums (Joey Waronker)? I can hear some echoes on ANIMA in fact.

I’m glad they could film this just before (social distancing).

And this from 8 years ago:


The new Thom’s work might indeed be his best. Overall, it continues the familiar melancholic/spiritual glitch pop mantra started with Idioteque in 2000. ANIMA does seem to be the most complex, consistent, deep, and holistic so far. It will require many listens to immerse oneself enough.

Also, I was completely unaware that a new album was going to be released soon, after a wonderful score he made to wonderful Suspiria in 2018, even though his upcoming tour seemed suspicious, indeed.